3D Prints available from DAZ

It looks like a 3D Software company called DAZ is offering users to be able to obtain prints of their own figures.  Initial offerings are in a somewhat larger scale than is probably useable to wargamers but to be fare I’ve only just read some of their publicity blurb.  I’m also unsure whether the quality is what wargamers will want at this time, but at least this is showing the start of what I can only hope will be a future of potentially cheap access to one-off figures sometime (hopefully not too distant) in the future.


This doesn’t look to be a route to producing masters for potential ranges as at first reading they seem to restrict their use for commercial end use. “assets purchased from DAZ 3D may be used to 3D print for personal use but not for resale or other business uses.”  This would probably need some further reading to understand the implications of this further.

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