..and now for something completely different!

Now that I’ve got the WW2 Americans and Germans to a decent enough point to play with without being too embarrassed I can have a look at other projects, hooray!

I pulled out my Judge Dredd stuff just to ensure that I have my figures ready for the campaign next week.  So far I have Judges, Apes, Robots, Mobsters and Street Gangs ready which should be sufficient for loaners to those without figures.  This means I can look at something quite different.

So I’ve pulled out my Indian Mutiny stuff and started sticking together three units of cavalry.  My figures are based on the pill shaped mdf bases from Warbases which look good for skirmishes but can also be put onto unit trays easily.  Hopefully I’ll have them cleaned up and undercoated within the next day or so.  there isn’t a lot of uniform detail to these figures so hopefully I’ll finish them relatively quickly and be able to start on my outstanding chariots for the Fathers Day event later in the year. (I have somewhere around 30 chariots still to do for my Hittites & their allies, as well as some Egyptians.)

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