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Studio Miniatures –

A very appealing figure is being pre-viewed by Studio Miniatures at the moment;

Whilst the figure no doubt will satisfy the remit for ‘Medieval Mayhem’ for medieval re-enactors fighting zombies in the modern world (with a very definite nod to Monty Python) I can see these fitting into many other collections as company for Citadels original Ultimate Adventurer, or simply those who want to play the Knights of Camelot.

The Kickstarter launches in April.  I’m curious to see how much the figures go for.

New Wings of War Kickstarter

The guys behind Wings of War have started a new Kickstarter for the very large bi-plane bombers from the end of the First World War;

They are nice looking models but at the more pricey end so will likely appeal to the fan or the completist.  An interesting add-on are 4 large poster aerial maps which look like they would have a lot of utility across all WoW games and the price for the set didn’t look too bad.