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SAD 2015 – Judge Dredd Campaign

The second and final day of the Judge Dredd campaign took place on Wednesday (25th February).  Again we had 10 players continuing to battle it out over two or three games in the evening.

At the end of the evening the champion was identified as Simon with his zombie horde.  The prize was a great Judges badge to commemorate the event.  Andy came in a very close second with his Klegg Invasion force.

I think that the two day event worked well with most people getting either 4 or 5 games in over the two days.  It is a very quick game and lends itself to short campaigns very well.

Rules and figures can be obtained from Warlord Games and Mongoose, though most sci-fi figures will work.


28mm Helicopter on the cheap

Morrissons have a 28mm Helicopter for sale at £2.50.  Scale is somewhat debatable but I would put it around1/50 to 1/48 so would fit most ’28’mm heroic zombie game figures such as Zombicide etc.

The model is a die cast Service Helicopter with security decals and an emergency recovery ‘boat’ (unsure how best to describe it).

It appears that there is a second helicopter for a TV company available (but not yet seen).