Chain of Command

Had an excellent game of Chain of Command at the club last night introducing Rob to the rules.

We played the basic patrol scenario to get the hand of the rules.  The battle was a densely ‘hedged’ (is that a word?) using all of my new hedges.  I’ve now discovered that I don’t have enough hedges so will be making a batch more over the weekend to cover this shortfall.  As such I raided the clubs supply of walls to finish the table.

Rob took American Rifles and I took the German Rifle Platoon.  I took the HMG as my extra whilst Rob had a mortar team.

I’ll upload the maps shortly.

It proved to be a fairly lively game but it will be sufficient to say at this moment that Rob dominated the game on both flanks and before long I had lost my two flanking sections and my force moral had collapsed.

All in all a very enjoyable game.

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