Chain of Command – another outing

Phil and I had another go with Chain of Command.  This was only Phils second game, and whilst I’ve had probably 6 games it has been a while since I last played so mistakes were made and I found myself referencing the rules quite often.  It probably wasn’t helped by us both playing Bolt Action a few weeks ago.

The game was a simple scenario between a German Rifle platoon played by Phil and a US Armoured Rifle platoon commanded by me.  Given the ratings of each side the Germans had an additional 4 points to choose.  When the force points were rolled for the scenario the US got a further 3 points whilst the Germans were increased by 1 to a total of 5.  This meant that the force selection was fairly quick.

The game was played across hedge lined fields interspersed with rural roads and the odd wall and building.  The Germans were on the defensive and deployed their scouting markers a little over a foot into the table.  The Americans came in from the table edge and had 3 scouting moves before the Germans became active.  I quickly locked down Phils German scouting markers but through some poor forward thinking I wasn’t able to really exploit this advantage.

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