Chain of Command

I have recently been converted across to Chain of Command for 28mm platoon level games.  I think that I am attracted to the fairly tight force lists  which significantly limit the troops each player has available.  It also has an interesting game start mechanism with the scouting phase and initial deployment sequence.  I am also liking the limited capabilities in each players phase which coupled with the possibility to hold onto the phase initiative creates some interesting dilemmas through the game.  I am also unsure whether this could be one of the few games which I’ve come across where the first turn could last the entire evening (but that is really just a matter of semantics 😉

I recently played a game with Glenn trying out the new Bigger Chain of Command rules allowing Armoured Platoons.  We kept it simple by just using a single platoon of tanks each across a fairly terrain heavy table.  We did trip over a couple of the rule changes but nothing too serious and had a great game.  Needless to say I lost but enjoyed the experience non the less.

A few pictures from the game on Glenn’s table.  All of the vehicles are 1/48 and from Glenn’s collection.

Terrain is from The Last Valley.

2014-11-13 14.47.49

2014-11-13 14.47.56

It was about this time when everything went to pot with the demise of the firefly.  I had thought that I was in with a chance when I took out his senior commander (Pzr 4 on the road) but it wasn’t to be as my last remaining tanks started to accrue sufficient shock to make their situation untenable.


2014-11-13 17.20.26


2014-11-13 17.20.10

2014-11-13 17.20.04

A definite German victory with the last sherman attempting to sneak away.

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