Excellent color comparison tools

If like me you have a somewhat eclectic mix of paints then understanding what colours are the same as others in different ranges is very confusing.  This is ever more the case when finding the  great paint scheme for waiting up your troops to only find it listing the Vallejo paint range.

Fortunately the Internet Elves are always busy seeking solutions and in this case there are various charts and tools available.  Most unfortunately (for me at least) focus upon the various Citadel colour interactions compared against each other usually being compared against Vallejo.  Fortunately for those like me who have Humbrol, Tamiya, and various craft paints also languishing in your draws there are other tools available.

Wargames@nordalia has an easy to use  chart for working out what craft paints align to what Vallejo paints;


Another great tool is available from Silicon Dragons


This is a tool which allows you to put in a specific colour from a range and get all of the nearest colour alternatives from the other ranges.

There is another useful site at;


This does some very clever matching to identify the nearest alternative vendors colour with the least ‘gap’

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