Excellent Game of Chain of Command

I had a great game of Chain of Command against Phil over the weekend.  He had the American Rifles whilst I took the German Rifles.  We rolled for the scenario and ended up with Patrol (next time I’ll ask that we play any other scenario instead.)

I took an extra senior officer as well as a mortar team.  Phil took the larger American Mortar team.

We quickly got into the game as I’d already set up the table in anticipation and Phil chose the side.  The beauty of the CoC rules is that using the patrol phase we quickly established our front lines and got into the game.

Phil went first as he had the higher Force Moral (11 vs my 8).

The game revolved around events in the centre of the table.  On one flank we both had a section facing off ineffectually against each other, whilst on the other flank Phil had a rather ineffectual section standing around whilst I committed two of my sections to face off against his remaining section in the centre.

Despite a cock-up which resulted in a close combat between two of our sections which I lost it was inevitable that my two sections quickly ground down Phils lone section.  When that had dissolved resulting in a multitude of force moral tests he was left with only 3 command dice.  From then hi end was in sight.

I was able to bring my sections up ion the centre, though Phil was able to finally get his lethargic section moving with the help of a senior officer and my weakened section was soon suffering as well.

I was able to break his section on the other flank and the game was over.  This was all very fortunate since Phil had to dash due to an urgent appointment.

Hopefully I’ll be able to work out how to get the accompanying photos off my mobile…

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