Finally Started making the beautiful Undertakers from 4Ground

I bought the Undertakers kit from 4Ground over a year ago but was somewhat intimidated by the size of the kit so avoided making it. I have done smaller models from 4Ground, but this ones comes in a heavy A4 box over an inch thick.

Well I finally convinced myself to start the model and despite one cockup which is hopefully not noticeable I did eventually manage to complete it in around 4 hours. (OK so I did get sidetracked a couple of times).

All in all the model is quite easy to assemble.  The instructions in the main are easy enough to follow although I did get to a couple of incidences where I had to apply a few assumptions (even after visiting the website to find some photos from different perspectives).

The finished model looks great, and as a big positive for me it fits into a 7litre Really Useful box!

I gave it it’s first outing at the club tonight for a game of Dead Mans Hand (excellent game).  It looked great on the table and is a nice focal point, along with my church from Blotz.

Unfortunately I lost the different games.

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