For Queen and Company – First Outing

I had the first game of the revised Queen and Company rules with Andy to take them from a purely mathematical and theoretical exercise of drawing stand pieces of card to play with real figures and real dice.

We played a very small encounter, basing on the Battle of Ghaziuddinnagar which took place on May 30th 1857 (and 8th March 2015).  This battle has very few troops and limited terrain so allowed me to test the underlying mechanics without them being hidden behind the too much clutter arising from special rules and the like.

For a first outing using the D10 mechanism I think that it went fairly well.  It did start to highlight some of the assumptions which I’ve been making which do need to be called out in the rules themselves so that new players don’t need to make their own imaginative bridges to fill in the gaps…

True to history the British won by capturing the bridge and guns, but not before the Mutineers had caused an upset or two among the Rifles.

Game play was reasonably fast, though a handful of ten sided dice will be required for each player, preferably mainly in one colour and a few in an alternative colour.

Next steps have been to start to bridge the missing ‘assumptions’ along with clarifying some of the missing areas including target priority and line of sight.

The next version is ready to be pulled apart again, and this time it even has a table of contents (it’s a pity that the first two I printed didn’t actually have page numbers! – well I’ve fixed that now.)

Copies are starting to be distributed and further games arranged.  Once I have confidence that I’ve addressed the major areas the next step is to get it out to other clubs to test under real fire.  If you’re interested just drop me a line.

2 thoughts on “For Queen and Company – First Outing”

  1. Really interested in the rules For Queen and Company. How do I obtain a copy ? Thanks in advance . Terry.

    1. Hi Terry,

      I’m happy to send a copy across to you. These are still in a Word document draft if you’re OK using that? We’re still playing through the base rules as well as some add-ons which have been left out at the moment.

      I’m still working through the words to make them clearer. They are still without the diagrams and illustrations but these should be added over the next month or so. I’m also working on getting some photos organised.

      Did you want me to use your Blueyonder e-mail?



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