Grand Manoeuvre – 6mm Paper Armies!

I must quickly highlight a small operation offering a great product for small scale (figure height) wargaming with printable 6mm armies.

The company is called Grand Manoeuvre is can be found at;

Armies are £5 each.  The Spanish army which I bought came with 26 pdf files covering all of the infantry, cavalry, and artillery options.  The service was great and the download for the files was available within minutes of placing the order.

Once I’ve had a go at making some units up I’ll post up some pictures.  From the initial print the infantry blocks look to be about 2cm wide by 5cm deep, representing 8 figures wide in three ranks.

I apologise for the foggy picture and will get some better ones up to do the prints true justice.

Spanish Musketeer Sheet.

2014-12-10 19.19.58

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