Indian Mutiny – another long road

There are a few wargaming periods which I constantly drift back to.  One of these is The Indian Mutiny of 1857/8 (The Sepoy Rebellion, The Great Rebellion etc.).  The irony is that I only really became seriously interested in it after I had travelled through the region and not visited the sites.  Maybe I’ll get back there some time to rectify that failure.

As I am coming to the end of painting my WW2 American and German forces and the end now looks like it is in sight I have started to fidget and look for my next project (always a dangerous thing if you haven’t quite finished a project but I like to think that it motivates me on – probably a false premise).  So now I’ve started to look longingly back at my Indian Mutiny figures. I know that I have a lot of Hittites and Egyptians to finish off for the Fathers Day game this year but maybe I’ll treat myself with finishing a unit or two of the cavalry before moving onto more time critical projects.

I have been working on my own Indian Mutiny rules as is probably the won’t of most wargamers, at least those I know.  I appreciate that there are many rules available for the period and I do play a few of them already, but I am looking for something different.  I have played a lot of co-operative board games recently, including the likes of Pandemic, Zombicide, and Mysterious Desert, and wanted a similar experience for the Indian Mutiny, mixed with a bit of Carry On Up the Khyber.  I played Pony Wars probably 30 years ago and that left a good taste in my mouth then which I have some fond memories of and I want to try and achieve a similar thematic satisfaction in creating a game for the Mutiny.

My intent is to create an interesting game which has light-hearted humorous moment which gives a satisfying game in about 3 hours.  There were elements which I wanted to include which aren’t normally addressed in straight up traditional period wargames whilst retaining a somewhat asymmetric aspect to the game.  I also want the game to scale easily from 2 to 4 players on a standard table without too much downtime waiting around for turns.

To this end I’ve been writing and testing rules for a few years now under a name yet to be established (all the good ones seem to have gone don’t you know 😉 ) So for the time being lets just call it Tiffin.



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