Colonial Diplomacy – SAD Campaign Turn 3

There were a smattering of conflicts as the empires met in South East Asia.  China, France, and Britain all testing the others resolve along the Chinese borders.  Elsewhere Britain continued to paint the map pink (or dark blue in this game).

Elsewhere we saw France move into the Philippines and Russia managed to secure Fusan and mobilised in Central Asia.  The Ottomans moved back in to secure Shiraz and advanced into Romania.

If you see any errors please let me know and I’ll endeavour to correct them Friday.  I hope to have the map updated Friday as well.

Turn due;

17th December (turn 4 1876) – Supply turn

28th December (turn 5 1878)

Remember that next turn will have a ‘Military Adjustment Phase’ (supply point) at the end of the turn.  Please remember that you only gain control of new areas for 1874/1876 if you hold them with units at the end of 1876. (see 8.2 Control of Colonies)

Results update edit to reflect Japan fleet bounce back from Yellow Sea

Colonial Diplomacy – SAD Campaign Turn 1

1870 saw the opening moves of the war in the Orient.  Most players have sought to capture the many neutral supply points around the map, though France has decided that going on the offensive from the outset is the way to go with the capture of Canton from the Chinese.

Most player orders were successful with the exception of the British and Dutch fleets bouncing from the Java Sea.

If you see any mistakes on my behalf please let me know so that I can make the appropriate corrections before the next turn.

Many thanks to everyone getting your turns back to me ready for Monday.  I appreciate that there were many teething problems, but that is only to be expected.  I intend to provide ‘interpretive’ support for your orders for the next turn, so hopefully I’ll catch the funny moves again.

The next turn is 1872, and is a supply turn.  This means that any new supply points which you have captured AND HOLD at the end of this turn will enable you to build new units.  Please read section 8.0 the Military Unit Adjustment Phase for the rules but the main points to be aware of are that for each point you hold on the map you can support one military unit.  If you hold more points than you have units on the board then you may build additional units (conversely if you hold less then you will have to remove units).  New units can only be built on your original starting points, and remember that any region can only ever hold one piece, so even if you are allowed to build units, you won’t be able to if all of your starting points are occupied.

Hopefully I’ll have a map ready soon, but in the meantime here are the player orders and results.

Colonial Diplomacy – SAD Campaign

The date is 1870 and an ominous thunder is heard in the East.
To all Colonial Empires. The game will kick off tomorrow, with the first turn order submissions being due by Monday (3rd October) evening. Hopefully this will give Dan enough time to settle in…
As this is the first time of playing for many of you I am happy to accept both long hand orders as well as the normal game short hand. Please try and avoid any ambiguities, and always be specific about who and where you are providing support to. I will endeavour to be helpful.
The special rules for the Trans Siberian Railway and the Suez Canal are in play for this game.
If you have any questions please let me know. 

For Queen and Company – short status update

A couple more trial games were held at the club which has resulted in more tweaking and a couple of revisits to basic mechanisms.

The D10 is staying and most of the combat and shooting seems to be stable.  Movement may be adjusted slightly as well as some unit special rules.

I’ve received confirmation for the licensing of the images as well as sourced a few more so will hopefully be able to add them into the new draft.

I still need to get some decent maps done, along with appropriate images for the illustrations and examples, so still a fair bit to do.

SAD Dredd League kicked off and going strong

The SAD Dredd League kicked off with 7 players managing between 2 and 3 games each.

The second meet took place last week but turned into a large multiplayer game of judges against the undesirables.  John Alpha and his cutie mob joined forced with Ma Balls and her Ape posse.  Against them were ranged the Judicial might of Simon and Allan.

Allans forces were soon put out of action with my Apes following after the demise of Ma Balls.  Simons Judges looked to be in the winning position until the true nature of Johny Alpha was determined and he slowly whittled Simons forces down with the assistance of the few remaining apes.

Eventually it was a close thing but Alpha eventually killed Dredd and the remnants fled the field.

It was a great game and I am looking forward to having a few more large multi-player Dredd games in the future.

Studio Miniatures –

A very appealing figure is being pre-viewed by Studio Miniatures at the moment;

Whilst the figure no doubt will satisfy the remit for ‘Medieval Mayhem’ for medieval re-enactors fighting zombies in the modern world (with a very definite nod to Monty Python) I can see these fitting into many other collections as company for Citadels original Ultimate Adventurer, or simply those who want to play the Knights of Camelot.

The Kickstarter launches in April.  I’m curious to see how much the figures go for.

New Wings of War Kickstarter

The guys behind Wings of War have started a new Kickstarter for the very large bi-plane bombers from the end of the First World War;

They are nice looking models but at the more pricey end so will likely appeal to the fan or the completist.  An interesting add-on are 4 large poster aerial maps which look like they would have a lot of utility across all WoW games and the price for the set didn’t look too bad.

Kings of War – revisited

I had my first game of Kings of War for probably 3 or 4 years.  Derek brought two beautifully painted armies along to the club and he reacquainted me with the rules.

We played using the Undead and Abyssal Dwarves.  I took the Undead.  My army consisted of a;

  • Vampire Lord,
  • 2 Necromancers
  • 2 Skeleton Regiments
  • 2 Skeleton Spearmen Regiments
  • 1 Regiment of Revenant Warriors
  • 1 Regiment of Revenant Knights
  • 1 Regiment of Werewolves

Undead Army 1500 points.aspx    (Easy Army pdf File)

Derek’s army consisted of

  • Abyssal Half-breed Lord
  • Abyssal Magic User (?)
  • 2 units of Abyssal Half-breeds
  • 2 units of Abyssal Golems
  • 2 Units of Slave Orcs
  • 1 unit of Slave Orc Warriors
  • 2 Regiments of Abyssal Dwarf Handgunners
  • 1 Abyssal Dwarf Elites (?)
  • 2 units of Abyssal demon flying things (?)
  • 1 Mortar

Abyssal Dwarf 1500 Points.aspx   (Easy Army pdf File)

The game is incredibly fast, and despite both of us being relative novices the game progressed very quickly without too may hiccups. (apart from the Undead being defeated.)

Our battle probably started at 8pm after all the talking and explanations about troops etc.  The game itself was over and packed away by 10pm, so two hours for introducing a new game and playing to conclusion.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the game itself could be set up and completed within 1 and a half to 2 hours with ease once our familiarity with the rules was improved.

Next game has been arranged for hopefully 3 weeks time.

A useful resource is the Easy Army site which is currently free and provides a great army construction feature for all of the current armies.


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