Revisiting some old homemade board games – part 2

I keep revisiting the notes which I’ve made over the years to make sure that I’ve captured the various theme aspects which I wanted to reflect as well as to try and ensure that any rule mechanism used sits well with the theme.  We’ve all played games where a mechanism is used within a game which doesn’t seem to make much sense in the light of the theme being played.  How successful I am in this respect remains to be seen.

My base premise is a mini-wargame driven by a high level worker placement mechanism.  The game should handle 4 players well, but cater for between 3 to 6 and reach a successful conclusion in about 90 minutes.  I want the game to give the players sufficient decision points to feel as if they are playing the game (as opposed to being driven along by the game and having little input) and at the same time I want it to be fun – which is fairly fundamental.  I have played many games

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