The Start – a somewhat unstructured introduction

It would be somewhat superior of me to suggest that what you find before you is a wholly unique and new blog focussing upon the delights of gaming with toy soldiers.

It would be fair to say that much of this ground has already been well trodden and I am simply following in the deep muddy foot prints of my fellows.

I’ve been gaming now for over 30 years since the heady days of The Duke of Yorks RM School and the early Diplomacy games in Kitchener House quiet room and the subsequent eye opening club in Captain Carsons class room a year or so later.  From those early days of massed ranks of Revel plastic Zulus confronting their equally fragile British opponents, through to Warhammer 1st edition, and then beyond to various Peninsular Campaigns using the clubs ever growing 20mm plastic armies my early days in the hobby were always marked by a passion to explore the new and wonderful.  Despite me piling on the years and kilos my enthusiasm has rarely wavered and hopefully I can still bring that passion through to these pages.

So my thanks to Captain Carson who brought structure to my early steps, and Dave Warrilow, Darren Mayes, Charlie Owen-Doyle, and Ian Maxwell for sharing in those early gaming years.

So where do my interests lie?  I’m a gaming magpie and am often drawn to the new and shiny but I do usually drift back to my core passions of 28mm Ancients (Chariots and Classical), 28mm Indian Mutiny, Napoleonics and AWI.  I have more recently been drawn into 28mm WW2, Victorian/Edwardian Steampunk, and a host of skirmish games from Osprey, Foundry, Great Escape Games, Wyrdd, and Mongoose.

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