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The Dervishers Muster

After the original cockup with the initial Sudan project basing I’ve managed to recover the situation slightly.  All of the Dervisher bases have been covered with steep paper, and now seem to adhere well to the 10mm rare earth magnets in the movement trays.

Now I’ve started stripping the rebasing the Brits.  These are on 20mm bases instead of the 25mm used for the Dervishers.  Instead of using the intended washers (which also didn’t work with my magnets, or at least they were worse than 1 pence pieces), I went with the 20mm mdf bases which came with the movement trays.  These have 5mm holes to take smaller rare-earth magnets which adhere really well to the larger magnets in the unit tray base.

So far 4 units of 12 have been rebased.  The unit trays have been textured and painted, so it’s just the figure bases which need to be finished to bring the troops to the table.

Whilst the Sudan natives are on tribal unit trays 150mm by 100mm and hold 15 figures in a somewhat irregular formation, the Brits are based on regular unit trays.  These are 50mm squares which hold 4 figures, with 3 bases making up a unit.  This allows me to put the unit into line or march column ( in a simple manner).