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Dead Mans Hand – down at the Morden Corral

Phil and I get the old Western toys out after a long hiatus and had a go at Dead mans Hand using the Legend supplement lists.  It was an opportunity for Phil to use his US Cavalry whilst I wanted to get my new buildings and fencing on the table. My recently constructed 4Ground Undertakers, along with my beautify Blotz painted church and my just constructed snake fencing.

We managed to fill most of a 6 by 4 table with our buildings and wagons and it was a delight to behold.  We decided to play one of the campaign sets, and opted for the Quick and the Lead.  I took Pinkertons to give them a try and as mentioned Phil had the cavalry.

The first scenario was simply a duel which was meant to be done using t a Black Jack related theme.  Unfortunately Phil managed to get a modified 22 on the first roll of the game so killed my duelist without having an opportunity to respond. So we moved on rapidly to the second game.

this followed immediately from the first game with the two sides deploying around the town in pairs.  the victor would be the first person to take out two of the opposing side.  Our gangs were reduced in size, effectively omitting the main boss figure.  The game proved to be a good teaching exercise as I found that my dispersed pistol wielding Pinkertons were easy prey to the carbine armed cavalrymen.  It wasn’t helped by us not having the rules for the carbines so had treated them as rifles with the improved range.  That was little excuse though for my general poor performance as my men were slowly whittled down as I attempted to close into pistole range.

So with two games to Phil we entered the third game with a full 21 points of figures.  this time it was to be played to a gang breaking.  this time I played it more cagy.  I tried to keep most of my Pinkertons close together with limited rifle support from a couple of Nightwatchmen.  I was able to rapidly close onto elements of the dispersed Cavalry and gradually bring my local superiority with a pistol to bear.  Unfortunately we had to call the game to a close due to time (we were chatting far to much which isn’t really a bad thing).  this was a far closer game and I like to think that I was in a far better position than previously.  Well there is always another time, and perhaps next time we will be able to fight over the moustachery…

Useful Links

Dead mans Hand is available from Great Escape Games http://www.greatescapegames.co.uk/deadmanshand.html

Blotz can be found at http://blotz.co.uk

4Ground can be found at http://www.4ground.co.uk

Finally Started making the beautiful Undertakers from 4Ground

I bought the Undertakers kit from 4Ground over a year ago but was somewhat intimidated by the size of the kit so avoided making it. I have done smaller models from 4Ground, but this ones comes in a heavy A4 box over an inch thick.

Well I finally convinced myself to start the model and despite one cockup which is hopefully not noticeable I did eventually manage to complete it in around 4 hours. (OK so I did get sidetracked a couple of times).

All in all the model is quite easy to assemble.  The instructions in the main are easy enough to follow although I did get to a couple of incidences where I had to apply a few assumptions (even after visiting the website to find some photos from different perspectives).

The finished model looks great, and as a big positive for me it fits into a 7litre Really Useful box!

I gave it it’s first outing at the club tonight for a game of Dead Mans Hand (excellent game).  It looked great on the table and is a nice focal point, along with my church from Blotz.

Unfortunately I lost the different games.