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Of Gods and Mortals

A few of us have succumbed to the Osprey set of rules ‘Of gods and Mortals’.  The game is at its most basic a fight between two gods and their supporters.  The base book describes the heavenly pantheon of the Celts, Norse, Egyptians, and the Ancient Greeks, along with their heroic supporters and their minions.  On the inter-web though there are a host of alternative lists available for almost every conceivable ancient nations heavenly host.

The game is a based upon a somewhat lightweight set of mechanics with much of the meat being held in the special rules associated with the units and characters.  The gameplay is fast and brutal.  It isn’t often that your main character dies and comes back again as your god can be killed but can also be brought back through the intervention of their minions.  This does lend a very pleasing balance to the gameplay as even the most menial troops become quite important to the success of the god.

A group of us play the game on a fairly irregular basis, but the beauty of the game is that two games can be played side by side on a standard table, and multiple games can be played within one evening session.

As is the won’t of wargamers we have begun to explore fusing the game rules with other sets including the Tribes of Legend set from Foundry.  These are a fun set for quick games between Greeks, Centaurs, Barbarian tribes, and Satyrs.  Unfortunately these rules are somewhat limited by the lists so we have merged the rules into a something loosely called ‘Legendary Tribes’ or ‘Legendary Gods and Mortal Tribes’.  These can be somewhat noisy affairs given that none of the fusion rules have actually be written down!