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Home Made Hedges with gates

It’s only when I got my first batch of hedges on the table that I appreciated that I’d neglected to allow for any entrances between my fields (bar leaving a gap between the hedge bases that is.)

So my next project was to construct 2 gateways for each 1 foot square worth of hedges so that there could always be an entrance and a option for a separate exit to a field.

The gates were constructed fairly crudely from matches.  I glued 4 horizontal matches to two verticals with light touches of PVA where they touched.  I then subsequently glued a cross bar across the 4 horizontals.  When the gate was dry I clipped the two verticals until they looked the right height for the gate.

I then cut and trimmed sufficient rubberised horse hair for the hedge ends (approximately 2 inch lengths).

the gates and hedge ends were then glued to my 6 inch hedge bases (from Blotz) with the gate in the centre of the base.  I used a glue gun as this gave a very resilient bond as well as set fairly quickly.  You only have to avoid bringing your fingers (you don’t do that often I can tell you).

Gated Hedges in use in Chain of Action game before being finished off


Once set I added some ground cover around the gate and hedges in the form of putty and loose grit.  Once this was dry I gave the whole lot a spray with brown acrylic paint.

Once dry I dry brushed PVA onto the hedges and applied the flock scatter.  I use a fairly light grain Blended Turf (Earth Blend) from Woodlands Scenics.  This has a slight rubbery texture and glues very well.  It’s also got the added advantage of coming in almost a litre bottle for £9 which was considerably cheaper than the alternatives.

I then lightly dry brushed the gate as well as the ground around the hedges before adding some static flock to the base.  You could also put this around the gate if desired.  I then added some additional details in the form of flock ‘clumps’ which I get from eBay.