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Grand Manoeuvre – 6mm Napoleonic Spanish

Just quickly assembled a unit of the Spanish musketeers.  The four blocks took about 15 minutes to cut out and assemble, though I could see myself getting quicker with a bit of practice.

I haven’t done anything to tidy up the blocks but a little black felt-tip pen around the edges will get rid of most of the issues.  The base was also just some spare green card I had available but will likely put them onto something more sturdy going forward.

I am happy with the end result and can see myself assembling a paper Spanish army to face off against my metal French army.  At least it will give me a breathing space to decide if I want to invest the time and money in going completely lead.

For my future blocks I will probably assemble them around some 5mm foam board to give them some ‘body’, or even consider getting something with a bit more mass.

2014-12-10 21.11.11