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The Gurkha Museum

Along with my recent visit to the Royal Green Jacket Museum I also got the opportunity to explore the Gurkha Museum which is located at the same site just around the corner.

As I mentioned before this is a great site to visit as it has 5 military museums all located within half a mile of each other with easy parking and a small cafe near by.

The Gurkha Museum is a fantastic resource for researching details about these interesting troops.

There are a lot of small dioramas and vignettes from the Gurkha military history as well as an array of full sized mannequins in uniforms from throughout.

Incident during Indian Mutiny – Delhi 18572014-10-02 11.14.35

Assault on Delhi 1857

2014-10-02 14.14.45

A Close up of the assault on the Gates2014-10-02 14.14.54

2014-10-02 10.51.51

Mannequins between protagonists during the Mutiny 1857/82014-10-02 10.58.49

I believe this was a diorama of the Chin attacking somewhere on the Northwest Frontier (but happy to be corrected)2014-10-02 12.04.10

There is a great shop which has a selection of books as well as an excellent series of amateur pamphlets which have some fantastic information on some more obscure campaigns – well worth having a look through. ┬áIf they aren’t immediately visible on the shelves do ask one of the staff who will probably be able to find extras behind the counter.

For further details check out their website;