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Mars Attacks – Hardback Rulebook Arrives

I’ve just received my hardback book for the Mars Attacks miniatures game.  I’d originally backed this through the Kickstarter campaign run by Mantic games last year as as part of this I got a free copy of the hardback rulebook when it was eventually completed.

So what’s it like?  From a quick view it’s slightly smaller than A4.  It seems to combine all of the previously released soft back rulebooks;

  • Mars Attacks – (core box set rules – 44 pages)
  • Humanity Resists (28 pages),
  • Extermination (28 pages),
  • World War (84 pages),
  • Compendium (35 pages)

This isn’t really a fair or comprehensive review of the game system, but rather simply on the hardback book.  Whilst it is great to have all of these rule books in one place there is one annoying aspect.  All of the books retain their original page structure which I can understand for consistency and rules referencing.  Unfortunately there is no simple table of contents to the main book, or an index.  These were less of an issue in the smaller books but now due to the size of this manual it can be a bit of a challenge remembering where about within the book specific rules or stats are.

In summary though, this is a really glossy gorgeous book which is a nice addition, but not critically necessary if you have the other soft back books already.