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Avoid Hotz Mats – I repeat avoid Hots Mats

This is just a quick flag to anyone considering ordering some mats from Hotz Mats.  I am still waiting 9 months after placing my original order in February 2014.

I ordered 4 mats and some fields and after some waiting got the first 2 mats and fields in July.  After chasing up again in August I got a reply in September to say that they had just moved studios and so they were experiencing some chaos at their end but things would soon get back to normal and he’d confirm where my mats were.

Despite several chasing e-mails being sendt subsequently from myself and my colleague we haven’t received any acknowledgement back since, and so have not confirmed status as to where I stand.

If the mats ever turn up I will be grateful, but in the mean time please take this as fair warning to avoid this aggravation for yourself and find some other supplier.  If you do find an alternative please let me know.