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28mm Paper Models site

I wanted to quickly highlight the amazing resource which can be found at;


There are some great buildings and vehicles available for 1/50 so suitable for 28mm wargaming.  I can see myself using them for zombie games but assume equally suitable for almost anything in the last 100 years.

These would be good for Malifaux or similar;




Grand Manoeuvre – 6mm Napoleonic Spanish

Just quickly assembled a unit of the Spanish musketeers.  The four blocks took about 15 minutes to cut out and assemble, though I could see myself getting quicker with a bit of practice.

I haven’t done anything to tidy up the blocks but a little black felt-tip pen around the edges will get rid of most of the issues.  The base was also just some spare green card I had available but will likely put them onto something more sturdy going forward.

I am happy with the end result and can see myself assembling a paper Spanish army to face off against my metal French army.  At least it will give me a breathing space to decide if I want to invest the time and money in going completely lead.

For my future blocks I will probably assemble them around some 5mm foam board to give them some ‘body’, or even consider getting something with a bit more mass.

2014-12-10 21.11.11

Grand Manoeuvre – 6mm Paper Armies!

I must quickly highlight a small operation offering a great product for small scale (figure height) wargaming with printable 6mm armies.

The company is called Grand Manoeuvre is can be found at;


Armies are £5 each.  The Spanish army which I bought came with 26 pdf files covering all of the infantry, cavalry, and artillery options.  The service was great and the download for the files was available within minutes of placing the order.

Once I’ve had a go at making some units up I’ll post up some pictures.  From the initial print the infantry blocks look to be about 2cm wide by 5cm deep, representing 8 figures wide in three ranks.

I apologise for the foggy picture and will get some better ones up to do the prints true justice.

Spanish Musketeer Sheet.

2014-12-10 19.19.58