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Kings of War – revisited

I had my first game of Kings of War for probably 3 or 4 years.  Derek brought two beautifully painted armies along to the club and he reacquainted me with the rules.

We played using the Undead and Abyssal Dwarves.  I took the Undead.  My army consisted of a;

  • Vampire Lord,
  • 2 Necromancers
  • 2 Skeleton Regiments
  • 2 Skeleton Spearmen Regiments
  • 1 Regiment of Revenant Warriors
  • 1 Regiment of Revenant Knights
  • 1 Regiment of Werewolves

Undead Army 1500 points.aspx    (Easy Army pdf File)

Derek’s army consisted of

  • Abyssal Half-breed Lord
  • Abyssal Magic User (?)
  • 2 units of Abyssal Half-breeds
  • 2 units of Abyssal Golems
  • 2 Units of Slave Orcs
  • 1 unit of Slave Orc Warriors
  • 2 Regiments of Abyssal Dwarf Handgunners
  • 1 Abyssal Dwarf Elites (?)
  • 2 units of Abyssal demon flying things (?)
  • 1 Mortar

Abyssal Dwarf 1500 Points.aspx   (Easy Army pdf File)

The game is incredibly fast, and despite both of us being relative novices the game progressed very quickly without too may hiccups. (apart from the Undead being defeated.)

Our battle probably started at 8pm after all the talking and explanations about troops etc.  The game itself was over and packed away by 10pm, so two hours for introducing a new game and playing to conclusion.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the game itself could be set up and completed within 1 and a half to 2 hours with ease once our familiarity with the rules was improved.

Next game has been arranged for hopefully 3 weeks time.

A useful resource is the Easy Army site which is currently free and provides a great army construction feature for all of the current armies.