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Hail Caesar Conventions

I enjoy playing the game of Hail Caesar but I wouldn’t be surprised if the rules as I play them are not the same as how others play them.  In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if every different group has their own interpretations and conventions in place and isn’t aware of how they are different to others (or sometimes even the rulebook!).  I have this belief based upon an experience with Black Powder (Hail Caesars parent rules).  I went to a fantastic Napoleonic game last year and it was only about 4 hours in that the four of us in our section of the battle realised that we had been using 4 different sets of rules up to that point.  Fortunately due to the light hearted nature of the event it was of little consequence but amusing all the same.

I believe that this is because the rules are somewhat loose or relaxed in how they are written and really designed for play between ‘like minded individuals’ rather than for tournament play.

In this section I’ll endeavour to capture the various conventions which I’m currently applying, and will add more as and when I remember them, or have to define new ones for unforeseen events.

Base sizes;

Standard Infantry units are 160mm wide, and between 40mm to 80mm deep.  Most of my figures are on 40mm square bases held in unit trays 4 bases wide and 1 to 2 bases deep.  Coming from a WAB background most of my figures were originally based in 4s to a base, but with these rules I have adopted a looser basing set up for medium infantry types which I base 3 to a base.

Standard Cavalry units are around 150 to 160mm wide, and between 50mm to 100mm deep.  As before most of my figures were originally based for WAB so are on 50mm squares with 2 figures to a base.  My units are 3 bases wide and either 1 or 2 bases deep all put onto a unit movement tray.

My Light Chariots are based on 40mm wide by 60mm deep bases and 4 bases wide to a unit.

My skirmishers are usually classified as ‘small’, and on 120mm wide unit trays.  The figures are based on 1p pieces which socket into the unit tray which has an erratic distribution of the holes.

I also have a small tray which looks like a 2 figure skirmish movement tray as it only has 2 small 20mm squares on it.  These trays are for holding the unit status dice and current damage.  The status dice have the different states for the unit (Shaken, Disordered, Shake & Disordered, Close Shields, Open Order, Close Order).  This saves having to have stacks of different chits to search through and I always know that the right counter so long as I have one of these dice.  We designed the images and then sent them through to Warbases in a bulk order.  We had previously done this for Pike and Shotte and found them invaluable so did it for Hail Caesar once we started using the rules. The other hole just holds a standard D6 – usually in a similar colour to the status die and this records the amount of damage the unit has taken.  Since 6 seems to be the standard maximum for units this works OK at the moment, though should we come across units with higher stamina ratings I may have to rethink this bit. 😉

Most of my unit trays are sourced through Blotz under their wargamers accessories section


The dice can be sourced through Warbases the guys there are very helpful and were happy to give guidance.