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Chain of Action or Bolt Command

I had a WW2 game this evening against Phil using a bit of a combination of Bolt Action and Chain of Command.  We are still looking for a set of rules which we both like but whilst Bolt Action and Chain of Command both have elements which we like they each also have aspects which we’d rather do without.

To this end we have been looking for a way of taking the bots which we liked from each set and merging them into a common set.

this time around we used most of the Bolt Action rules but based the forces upon the Chain of Command lists and scenarios.  the slight change to the Bolt Action rules was to add two extra dice to the command dice initiative bag but these were of a third colour.  Dice would be drawn as normal for commands, but once the two different coloured dice had been drawn the turn would end and all of the dice would be returned to the dice bag.  This was to introduce an element of friction to the game so players would have to prioritise what they did in each turn since they couldn’t guarantee  that every unit would get to move each turn.

We used the attack and defend scenario, with me attacking with the German Rifle platoon and Phil defending with the British Rifle platoon.  I took a Sdkfz 210, along with an MMG team and an extra officer.  Phil took an MMG team.

The battle was across a small farming hamlet with Phil set up 18 inches in from his table edge.  I had to advance in from the opposite table edge with the Germans and force the British to retire without being broken myself.

The Germans star to advance on the British positionsIMG_20150204_203659-2

The Germans and Brits face off on the left flank across a field.


On the German right flank both sides advance into the ruins.IMG_20150204_210230-1

A view from the British position in the ruins.IMG_20150204_210300-1


The British centre


The Germans advance around the hamlet in the centre


Meanwhile on the German right flank the Germans continue to keep the British section pinned and out of the fight.


The Germans advance to catch the British in the ruins in a crossfire and quickly great the infantry hiding there.  Unfortunately the British were able to bring up support and do the same to one of the German sections…


With the end in sight. The German section in the centre is suffering from the British under Sergeant Wilson but the remainder of the British troops are forced to retire.