The Case of the Disappearing Wargamers

I don’t get down to the club quite as frequently as I used to and a lot less than I’d like but I do generally make it in about twice a month for the Wednesday night sessions.  Over the last three months though I have noticed a very big change in the club.  Where in months past it wasn’t uncommon to get to the club after 7pm and be unable to get a table, even in the outer room, now it is normal to be able to arrive at 7.30pm and still get somewhere to play!

Now most clubs do fluctuate in size over time.  Swindon And District Wargamers has now been going around 18 years and following it’s rapid growth I would suggest that the club has been reasonably stable for the last 8 years with a brief influx a year or so ago when the Games workshop stopped gamers playing in their shop.

So who has stopped coming along?  Most of the old faithfuls on the historical side are still there.  We did lose a largish group of Roleplayers about 6 months ago, but more recently I have noticed a significant decrease in the number of Warhammer 40K players in attendance.  5 years ago they would have made up the majority of the games being played on a Wednesday evening, last week however there was only one game being played.  I’ve not been able to determine where they have gone to.  Have they moved to another club, or have they stopped playing all together?  I would hope that for the community’s sake they have found another club, since to suggest the alternative would not bode well for the long term well being of the hobby.  Lets hope that wherever they are that they are still playing.

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